Why should I choose a UTV?

//Why should I choose a UTV?

Why should I choose a UTV?


The recent trend in the industry of looking to UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) as the next growth product is no accident. There are versatile advantages that can only come from such a vehicle.

In this write up we will discuss this with the focus mainly on the Crossfire 1100GT UTV. The 1100GT Crossfire is the latest machine in the Crossfire stables and is the flagship model.



1st – We have the conventional driving position.

Unlike an ATV where the driver sits in a motorcycle riders position and controls the quad through a handle bar, much like you would a motorcycle, the UTVs have a conventional control interface. By Conventional we mean like a car. We have a steering wheel, gas and brake pedals where they should be and the gear selector is right by the hand. As such it feels like a typical car.


In the Crossfire 1100GT the steering is aided with electric power assistance, the brakes are hydraulic disc, the gear box is fully automatic, therefore the transition between a car and the Crossfire 1100GT is minimal.

2nd – We have the safety aspect.

The UTV’s are wider, heavier, have a roll bar and importantly seat belts.

With the Crossfire 1100GT engine placed strategically below the 2 front passengers the weight is low and centered. This is fundamental on an incline or on the side of a slope. The other heavy component is the metal 35L petrol tank, again, located in the center right behind the motor. The theory again is to centralise mass and keep it low.

Ultimately nothing can stop a rider from tipping over a machine if they are determined to do so, our job at Crossfire is to design machines that minimise the risk, as such we spend a lot of time and effort in the design phase to that end.

3rd – Versatility.

As we have previously discussed, the car like driving position, coupled with the familiar car like control mechanisms, ie, steering wheel, pedals, shifter, will all contribute to attracting customers that may otherwise have stayed away from the market. We have the fundamentals in place to install a ute tray, re-enforcing the Utility in Utility Terrain Vehicle. The Crossfire 1100GT has a tray that, at around 1100cm by 900cm is more than enough to throw the tools in, hold a spray unit or simply to collect firewood. All those things that make a ute tray useful in a car are the same for a UTV. Further to which the 1100GTs Tray tilts on command and the rear gate opens so unloading is a breeze.

In addition to the versatility elements listed above, we should touch on the power. We have the industries only petrol 4 cylinder DOHC engine, which means a dead smooth ride with minimal vibration and effortless power thanks to 74 eager ponies. With power it’s also important to retain traction, especially in rough conditions, so the transfer case has a high/low, 2wd/4wd selector. Further traction can be attained by locking the front differential.
Lastly is the tow ability. UTV’s tend to weigh more than quads, therefore they are more stable and larger, increasing tow capacity. The Crossfire 1100GT will tow 950Kg+, this may not be necessary for most users, however in our experience a lot of users underestimate how much strain certain implements, such as tow behind slashers and aerators put on the machine.


Litre tank
KG towing


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