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One of the world’s few true 4WD electric UTV vehicles with selectable 2wd/4wd modes. With low and high range and full regenerative braking.

The onboard Delta Q charger is simply a matter of plugging into the wall socket with a charge time of around 6 hours. The E1 is an easy to use UTV with its power and effortless acceleration and brakes that are regenerative so as you slow down the engine captures the power and recharges the batteries.

The 48 Volt 27 HP AC drive train is powerful enough to go over the terrain without all the noise of a gas-powered engine. Nitrogen-Assisted Independent Suspension and Four-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes will keep you in full control. Built for stability and performance.

It does not matter if you are in hospitality and need silence and ability to access all points in hotel without disturbing the guests or you are using the E1 to get around the shopping centre car park.

How about event managers getting around site or security companies needing all-terrain vehicles without disturbing the peace. Now did we mentions the councils wanting to show environmental credentials while not losing the true nature of needing a reliable rugged Utility vehicle? Note for mining extra equipment may need to be fitted. This can but is not limited to: Reflective tape around the perimeter of the vehicle, class 1 Beacon and a cabin barrier as well as an Battery isolation switch.

Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) policy Being adopted by many councils around Australia.

  1. The stated objectives of the ZEV policy are to: ensure the transport requirements of Council operations are met in the most efficient, transparent, and equitable manner with the lowest possible environmental footprint.
  2. Respond to ever increasing evidence and global concern of the impact of vehicle emissions on human and environmental health. To continue Council’s commitment to addressing climate change and reducing local airborne emission through the purchase and operation of low emission vehicles for the light vehicle fleet, with a view to transitioning to zero emissions vehicles consistent with corporate and community ‘zero carbon’ commitments.


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E1 Included Features:

      • 3500 lb Winch
      • Roof
      • Windshield
      • Aluminium Rims
      • Turn Signals
      • Gas Assisted Adjustable Shocks
      • Tow Pack
Type AC Induction
Controlled by Sevcon Gen4(tm)
Speed controller
Battery Voltage 48VDC 12.4kw/H
Horsepower 27Hp
Torque (ft. lbs.) 88
Number of Motors 1
Battery Type Discover Dry Cell
Battery Capacity 2080 Amp/Hours
Capacity reached after 10-20 full charge cycles
Limited capacity on delivery
Charge Time 6 – 8 hours
Charging System On-Board Charger Delta Q 15amp plug
Transmission Automatic
Drive System Modes Low Range 100% Torque (Max speed ~16 Km/h 100% Torque). Maximum regenerative Braking. Application Towing, hauling loads, driving on steep hills or aggressive terrain.
High Range 70% Torque (Max speed ~ 40km/h 70% Torque). Minimum regenerative Braking. Application: Trail riding.
Max Distance 50% Torque (Max Speed ~24 km/h 50% Torque) .Minimum regenerative Braking Application: Whenever possible, to maximum drive Range.
Max Speed 40km/h
Voltage 48 Volts
4×4 Mode Selectable 2WD/4WD
Chassis / Suspension / Brakes
Suspension Front Independent Dual A-arm / Nitrogen Filled
Suspension Rear Independent Dual A-arm / Nitrogen Filled
Brakes Front Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Brakes Rear Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Tyres Front AT26 x 9 -14 Radial
Tyres Rear AT26 x 11 -14 Radial
Length x Width x Height 2750mm x 1630mm x 1870mm
Wheelbase 186cm
Empty Weight 830kg
Loading capacity 159kg in tray
Towing 363kg
Towball 50kg
Ground Clearance 10″
Instrumentation Digital-Analog Display
12 months up to 24 months* * If 1 month and 6 months services have been done by a Crossfire Dealer – warranty is extended to 2 years for vehicles 250cc and up. Please make sure you have proof of services.


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ATV Safety Information

NSW Pre purchase check list (if not in NSW please find local state check list prior to purchase)

Quad Bike Safety – What You Need To Know

Quad Bike Training (NSW list of registered ATV organisations. Please look up in own state.)

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