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Semi Automatic Gearbox

Semi Automatic Gearbox
So what is semi automatic gearbox in motorcycles. It I sometimes referred to as step-through gearbox or semi auto. You may have seen the post man push through the gears without using the clutch.
The semi-automatic gearbox allows rider to change gears without depressing the clutch lever. In fact the clutch lever is not even fitted to the handle bar. It is completely not necessary for this type of engine.
Yes in most cases you still have your tradition 4 or 5 speed gears box but to change gears you simply pull gear up or down to go through the gears. This is done for both upshifting and down shifting of gears. In the small bike such as Mini Bikes( Pit Bikes) the process is mechanical. The gear lever connected to a shaft twist the arm connected to a cam which in turn engages with the clutch enabling gear changes. This has been the case for many years and is most commonly used by the Australia postie bike the Honda CT110. The technology is proven and reliable.
Why would you want or need a semi-automatic gear box?
1. Rider may not know how to operate manual gear box
2. Engine will not stall if coming to a stop in gear
3. Easier for stop start riding such as farm use or postal service use
4. Less skill to operate than manual transmission as it takes out the need for clutch actuation by rider.
In the CrossFire Motorcycles range we have a few models that are 4 speed Semi-automatic which are these are :
1. CF70
2. CF110
3. CF125S
In the images is the Crossfire CF125S. Although this engine types are used also By Honda, Lifan, Loncin , YX and Zongshen to name but a few.

This has been written as an opinion piece due to many clients asking us to explain the differences.
We hope this provided some benefit to you.
Crossfire Team



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