1100GT Side by Side UTV

//1100GT Side by Side UTV

1100GT Side by Side UTV

2013/14 1100GT is the most powerfull Tool in Crossfires Stable.A workshorse like no other.70Hp with 1 tonne towing capacity. Did we mention the power. This UTV Side by Side work horse has everything one will need in a home or work envirmonet.The informative display will show speed,RPM,Voltage and odometer. While the 950*1150mm long tray will fit most things you throw at while being easy to tip and clean at the end of the day.

There is great video on youtube from our Americal partners.

This will give you a quick run don of some of the features of this machine.

Not often you will you have an UTV with this much power and comfort.We will update this thread once we had more time on the machine and gie you more details and specifics.

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