23rd December, 2020


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X300 is the latest addition to our growing fleet of ATVs. Colours: Blue, Green, Red, White $5,299 + delivery and assembly charges. Website link: http://crossfiremotorcycles.com/product/x300/ X300 Standard Features: • Liquid cooled 21.4Hp • Shaft Drive 2×4 • Aluminium Wheels • Water Cooled • Enclosed footboards • Day time running lights • Low and High Range Find a Crossfire dealer around [...]

2nd November, 2020

BRAND NEW Crossfire E-5 Electric UTV Release

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BRAND NEW Crossfire E-5 Electric UTV Early December arrival. Pre-order now. The new level of affordability meets technology. $10,500 + freight, and assembly charges* Quiet and clean traffic, zero emissions and long range. These are the key benefits that give Crossfire E-5 UTV a wide range of uses – from maintenance of golf courses, parks and urban greenery through work [...]

30th July, 2020

Federal Quad Bike Safety Standard: Crossfire is here to stay

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With the new Federal Quad Bike Safety Standard coming into effect in October 2020, we would like to let all of our customers and supporters know that Crossfire is here to stay. Crossfire is dedicated to Safety. We are committed to staying in Australia. The Safety Standard applies to all Quad bikes from 11 October 2020 (Stage 1), with additional [...]

21st July, 2020

BRAND NEW Crossfire X2 – NEW Release

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BRAND NEW Crossfire X2 has now been released. Pre-order at your local dealer now! Crossfire X2 ATV Standard Features: • Fully Automatic • Digital speedometer cluster • Enclosed foot wells • Receiver hitch • LED tail and indicator lights Find out more information: http://crossfiremotorcycles.com/product/x2-2020/ Speak to your Local Crossfire Dealer to help you select the right Quad Bike for your [...]

7th July, 2020

Customised CFR250

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How good does this Customised CFR250 look like!? Thank you to @Zach Townley for the photos. Here’s a list of upgrades on the bike: Pro taper bars and grips Custom graphics Spoke wraps D.I.D chain Twin air filter 35mm carby More information about CFR250: http://crossfiremotorcycles.com/product/cfr250-crossfire-motorcycles/ Speak to your Local Crossfire Dealer to help you select the right bike for your [...]

28th April, 2020

Brand NEW Crossfire Kanga 90 2020

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Brand NEW Crossfire Kanga 90 2020 generation 2 is the first major update in over 11 years for the Kanga range. It runs on regular unleaded without a need to mix oils . Its quiet and reliable with push button electric start. Most importantly the new Kanga is lighter better engineered. This is achieved through a revolutionised Sigle A arm [...]

12th February, 2020

Crossfire Brand New 2020 Model: CF70 Dirt Bike is now available

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Crossfire Brand New 2020 Model: CF70 Dirt Bike is now available throughout our Dealer network around Australia. The latest CF70 is a product of the last 11 year of evolution. The bike has evolved to upside down front suspension for better handling coupled to an aluminium triple clamp. The new handle bar risers means the 7/8th handle bar is adjustable [...]

20th January, 2020

Semi Automatic Gearbox

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Semi Automatic Gearbox _ So what is semi automatic gearbox in motorcycles. It I sometimes referred to as step-through gearbox or semi auto. You may have seen the post man push through the gears without using the clutch. _ The semi-automatic gearbox allows rider to change gears without depressing the clutch lever. In fact the clutch lever is not even [...]

4th September, 2019

NEW Larger, Bigger, Wider, Taller CROSSFIRE Go-Kart: BLAZER 200R

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NEW Larger, Bigger, Wider, Taller CROSSFIRE Go-Kart: BLAZER 200R Arriving in Sydney this Friday 6th of September. Crossfire Blazer 200R Included Features: •Forward and Reverse Gears •Electric Start •LED Headlights •Bucket Seats with Safety Belt •Disc Brakes See more information online: http://crossfiremotorcycles.com/product/blazer-200r/ Contact one of Crossfire Dealers around the country to get yours: http://crossfiremotorcycles.com/dealers/ #crossfiremotorcycles #crossfire #newmodel #offroad #gokart #outdoors [...]